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Family based nursery in the 
heart of Sheffield

For many years our talented team have been transforming landscapes for homes and public spaces across one of England’s finest cities. Our wide range of products and personal services are available throughout the year. Take a look through our site and get in touch to discuss your project and ideas.

A little about us

Our home-grown business is well known by the residents of Sheffield and beyond. We've been operating for many years and are well known for our premium quality plants and garden accessories. Our talented team are eager to help in any exterior project you’re working on.

Our services

We provide a number of horticultural services including custom made hanging baskets and containers, and tailor made gardening services. Our team can work with you to create a beautiful garden with expertly planted beds. We can visit your home, office or commercial space to help plan an idyllic, comforting space for you, your friends, family, colleagues and customers.
Various plants at our nursery in Sheffield

Our nursery

Our unique horticultural nursery houses a wide range of plants and shrubs, many we grow on-site, we spend time growing and nurturing a wonderful collection of plants, bushes, fruits and vegetables that people love to have in their garden.
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